Fiction Editor:

novels, plays, short stories

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English Grammar Tutor

English Grammar Tutor offers to present your creative writing in the format appropriate to it: Thus your `flat' text for a play will be revised in accordance with the conventions of drama presentation, your short story will be suitably paragraphed, and your novel will carry dialogue and descriptive sequences as appropriate in its global style. Naturally, we ensure that your system of sentence construction and punctuation is consistent and in keeping with the contemporary conventions of your genre.

We are happy to alert you to aspects of your writing that appear to us to be stylistic faults, and to suggest ways of correcting those faults. Should you prefer to do without our views in this matter, we shall respect your preference.

The good reason for seeking editor help before submitting a text to a publishing house is that a well presented text stands a much better chance of securing a publisher's interest than does a sloppy text. We assume that our clients come to us with fiction texts in order to have them prepared for submission. However, we are just as happy to accommodate you if your work is an exercise piece or intended only for your personal folio.