Grammar Book

The Well Bred Sentence: An Intensive Course in Sentence Construction and Punctuation

Copyright: Sophie Johnson 2001

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Table of Contents

Foreword and Introduction

Chapter 1    What is a Sentence?

Chapter 2    The Parts of Speech

Chapter 3   The Simple Sentence

Chapter 4     The Complex Sentence

Chapter 5    The Compound Sentence

Chapter 6    The Composite Sentence

Chapter 7       Punctuation

Chapter 8    The Comma

Chapter 9    Speech Marks and Other Raised Commas

Chapter 10  The Apostrophe

Chapter 11   The Articles

EXERCISES AND ANSWERS: This 52-page pdf document contains 23 exercises and detailed answers to them, all based on discussions conducted in The Well Bred Sentence. It is available for purchase at 6.00, here. The buyer is licensed to reproduce it for non-profit purposes.