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Editing and Proofreading Service Procedure

Step 1: You send us your text by email. In the same email, you might like to tell us your estimate of our costs, calculated on the basis of the charges displayed on our Prices page.

Step 2: We edit/proofread a substantial part of the text you have sent. This is your free sample of our editing style. It comes as two files: one that shows our markings, and another cleaned of those markings.

Step 3: If you like our style and wish us to edit your entire text, you tell us so, and invite us to edit your entire text.

Step 4: The real work begins:

(i) On our first reading, we mark up your entire text, just as we did on the free sample. On our second reading, we remove our markings, and make appropriate stylist adjustments. We send both the marked and the clean text to you.

(ii) You read the clean text carefully, to ensure that our modifications of your original text meet your approval. You write into that clean text any adjustment or query that occurs to you.

(iii) We review your adjustments and queries, implement your suggestions, then send the fully-edited text back to you. (This step is repeated any number of times, until you are satisfied that you have the text that carries your meanings perfectly. No additional charge accrues here.)

Writing Service Procedure

Step 1: You email a description of the writing task you wish us to perform. We send you a quotation.

Step 2: We complete the writing task in accordance with your instructions, then send you a two-page sample of our work. (Our writers have learnt caution, so most of them ask for a  50% pre-payment before they begin work.)

Step 3: You pay our full fee and we send you the entire text we have written.

Step 4: You review the text we sent you. If you want to add to that text or otherwise adjust it, do so, and return it to us for editing. (There is no further charge for this service.)

You deal with Sophie Johnson on a person-to-person basis. Your identity is never revealed to a third person without your permission.