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Proofreader Editor Writer is aware that every piece of academic writing demands a high standard of literacy and a specific presentational format. We present essays and research papers in any format (MLA, APA, OSCOLA, etc.) you require, and we suggest a suitable format when you make no specific request.

We know that you have a clear purpose when you write an academic essay, article, thesis or dissertation, and we help you attain your purpose. As we edit and proofread, we are in constant touch with you, either to request elucidation or to suggest and alteration or addition. We do not consider a job done until you and we are satisfied that your text is perfectly presented and elegantly expressed.

All writers of academic works, including the native English speakers, know only too well that there is sometimes a sizable gap between what they wanted to say and what they succeeded to say. That gap is not due to defects in their reasoning processes, nor to shortcomings in their writing skills. They would close such gaps if they had the leisure to re-visit their sentence constructions, expositions and argument procedures with a relaxed critical eye. The relaxed eye, however, is not always on call, for the faculty submission deadline, or the publisher, keep it in a chronic blood-shot state.

Our role as editors and proofreaders is to make up for your under-pressure state by providing the fresh reader's eye that might be your own. We know this, of course, so we make it our business to understand your intention in saying something before we make adjustments to what you have said. Writers will not find us interfering with their structures arbitrarily or ignorantly. That is why we commend ourselves as providers of a reliable editing service.

If your first language is not English (ESL) we shall re-write your text in good academic English structures. We make no extra charge for this because we consider it a normal part of  the proofreading process.

We have good subject knowledge in these areas: Art Theory, Business Studies, Critical Theory, Economics, History, Information Technology, International Law, Law in English-language jurisdictions, Linguistics, Literary Theory, Literature, Philosophy, Political and Social Science, Psychology, Urban Studies.