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We undertake to adjust the reading level and presentational style of your teaching text to suit the readership you mean to address. Very experienced teachers and editors, we have a feel for such work.

Whether you write to publish or to instruct your students, you are on display. Many teachers have suffered the indignity of having parents castigate them for the less-than-perfect notes they had disseminated among students. The pity is that critical parents simply do not know that teachers prepare notes for their students in good will and in their spare time. These parents therefore do not make due allowance for the occasional teacher error. We can help, here.

All of us who are teachers and are moved to write know only too well that our normal activity is on the frontline, otherwise known as the classroom, and that this does no wonders for our literary skills. We wrote brilliant essays and fiction when we were students. Back then, we had all the enabling leisure we needed. Besides, there was nothing much we had to do but read and write. Now that we have a great deal more to do, we still do not doubt our literary skills. It is a shock, therefore, when an editor goes at our prose like a crazed surgeon's scalpel.

Please be assured that you are among colleagues when you come to us, and be confident that we shall alter your writing only when we know that our intervention will get what you say to the point of clarity where you yourself want it. All the way, your objections to, or approvals of, our editing work will be valued and respected.

We have good subject knowledge in these areas: Art Theory, Business Studies, Critical Theory, Economics, History, Information Technology, International Law, Law in English-language jurisdictions, Linguistics, Literary Theory, Literature, Philosophy, Political and Social Science, Psychology, Urban Studies.