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About this service briefly

English Grammar Tutor can give substantive help with writing essays, theses (dissertations), and with preparing scholarly and professional articles for publication. It offers writing help also to public and private business organisations.


Our essay writing service will show you what an informed, documented and captivating essay must do. We write a model essay that discerns your set topic's main issues, probes them thoroughly from perspicacious angles and presents pertinent points of view in cogent argument. We then construct an Abstract, Introduction and Conclusion that demonstrates your firm grasp of the subject-area that gave rise to the essay topic. Our essay will demonstrate also how you should source your information, compose incisive sub-headings and compile a bibliography. In short, we provide you with an ample basis upon which you can write your future essays.

Theses (dissertations)

We can evaluate your presentation and recompose aspects of it that lack substance or clarity. If, like many thesis writers, you are stalled on your Literature Review, we can help you develop one that will deftly locate the role of your research findings in  the context of your references and the key works published in your subject area.

Scholarly and professional articles

A discourse has constructed itself brilliantly in your head, for you have read and thought extensively. You rightly consider it worthy of the light of day. But you have far too much to do. There is no way you can find the time you need for making a polished statement of it. Well, make a rough statement, then send it to us. We offer to have your exposition and argument stride boldly forth, dressed for publication in the designer-label gear of the master craftsman, ready to impress your target periodical's commissioning editor. 

Writing help for business individuals and organisations

No matter the complexity (or the length or the number) of documents your project requires us to process, we can do it. You need only instruct us. We are experienced in all the following writing tasks:

  • re-writing legal and other specialist-language documents  in plain English;

  • constructing digests or FAQ-style summaries of statutory law, regulations, etc;

  • preparing pamphlets, circulars, flyers;

  • preparing executive summaries of lengthy documents;

  • composing Business Plan documents;

  • conducting business correspondence;

  • compiling workplace reports.


You need only tell us what you want written. We can do it if the `end product' you have in mind is literary, scholarly, pedagogic, polemic or autobiographical.

  • If you know the story of your life is worth publishing, we are happy to hear you out. If it excites our empathy, we are at your service.

  • If you are an established journalist with a time problem, sketch your gist and we shall make an article of it.

  • If your personal writing folio has to be displayed but is too slim for respectability, we can add to it.

Whatever your project, feel free to talk to us about it. (We love the sort of thing!)

Our Subject Knowledge

We have good subject knowledge in these areas: Art Theory, Business Studies, Critical Theory, Economics, History, Information Technology, International Law, Law in English-language jurisdictions, Linguistics, Literary Theory, Literature, Philosophy, Political and Social Science, Psychology, Urban Studies.  

Please see a detailed account of how we work.